> What is the difference between Outstations and Homelands?

Nothing – these are two different terms which are both used to describe the lands given back to the Traditional Owners following the introduction of the Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act 1976.

> Is there government funding available to establish new outstations or to build new houses on existing outstations?

No, as far as Ingkerreke has been advised, there is currently no government funding allocated to establish new outstations or to build new houses on existing outstations.  

> Is the Northern Territory Government committed to continuing to provide funds for the support of existing outstations?

Yes, in March 2012, the Government announced that it would provide $220 million of funding for outstations over the next 10 years as a part of its Stronger Futures Legislation.

> Does Ingkerreke Outstations Resource Services receive any government grants or funding?

Yes, all the services that Ingkerreke Outstations Resource Services deliver to outstations are funded by grants received on an annual basis from the Northern Territory Government.

> Who owns the assets on outstations, such as houses, generators, tank stands etc?

All fixed assets, such as buildings, bores and solar systems, are the property of the Land Trust. Removable assets such as generators or solar panels are the property of Ingkerreke Outstations Resource Services, with a caveat to the funding provider.

>Does Ingkerreke insure the houses on outstations against fire, flood and theft? 

No, as Ingkerreke does not own these assets, it is unable to insure them. 

> Is Ingkerreke able to assist outstation residents with any of the following: fuel and gas, transport, aged care, assistance with enterprise development, telephones, or upgrades to properties (such as screens or split systems)?

All of the above are outside of the scope of the funding that Ingkerreke currently receives. However, as part of our advocacy role, we are able to discuss opportunities with you and recommend the appropriate persons or organisations to contact. For further information, contact our Housing Officers on 08 8950 2200.

> What happens when properties on outstations are damaged? 

Before any action can be taken to repair malicious damage to properties, the issue must be reported to the police and a promise note provided to Ingkerreke. At that point, all circumstances will be considered, including availability of funding, responsibility for the damage, and total cost of the damage. From this, a decision will be made as to whether or not the repairs can be carried out under the funding agreement.

> Who owns Ingkerreke Outstations Resources Services Aboriginal Corporation?

Ingkerreke Outstations Resources Services is owned by its members. The corporation has 36 members, made up of 3 persons nominated by each of the 12 founding member outstations.

> Who are the Directors of Ingkerreke Outstations Resource Services?

Ingkerreke has 12 Directors, who are appointed at its AGM every 2nd year. They hold office for two years and are then eligible for re-election. One Director represents each of Ingkerreke’s 12 founding member outstations. The names of the current Directors are shown on the ORIC website.

>How many people does Ingkerreke currently employ?

Ingkerreke Outstations Resource Services currently employs 20 staff, with 85% of our staff comprised of Indigenous staff members.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have further queries.