At Ingkerreke, we believe that an important part of our role is to assist residents of outstations to access all possible support services available to them. We recognise that outstation residents require services not covered by the grant funding that Ingkerreke receives, including welfare, health care, schooling, transport, enterprise development and social facilities.

Government funding is available for these services through organisations such as Centrelink, ARRCS Aged Care Services, Central Land Council, Central Australian Aboriginal Congress, Centrecorp and NT Government Departments. Ingkerreke has established contacts with these partner organisations and can assist in identifying the appropriate organisation or person to contact for support or further advice. Please contact our Housing Officer on 08 8950 2211 for information.

By offering this support, Ingkerreke is helping to safeguard outstations across Central Australia for the benefit of our current residents and future generations.

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