Each financial year, the Northern Territory Government makes a limited amount of funding available to assist with the upgrade and replacement of essential infrastructure on homelands. This funding provides for items such as pipelines, bores, solar systems, reticulation and other equipment required to ensure that homelands continue to provide a safe, healthy and habitable environment for their residents.  

To access this funding, Ingkerreke Services carries out audits of the homelands that it services and consults with homeland residents prior to submitting grant applications for specific capital upgrade projects. Examples of projects that Ingkerreke Services has carried out as a result of successful capital funding applications include upgrades to solar bores, purchase and installation of a new containerised generator system, waterline upgrades, various power upgrades, new fenced rubbish tips, a municipal shed, perimeter fencing and a new septic for an ablution block.

This type of funding application is not designed to provide for infrastructure related to social enterprise or tourism operations on homelands. Ingkerreke Services may be able to assist in identifying the right organisation or appropriate person to contact for assistance with these ventures. For further information about Capital and Infrastructure programs, contact our office on 08 8950 2200.