About Us

The shared vision of Ingkerreke Services' Board and Management today is deep-rooted in the values held by the founding members when the corporation was established over 35 years ago. The founding members believed that homelands are intrinsic to maintaining the connection of Aboriginal people to their culture and customary responsibilities. Homelands are also outposts from which Aboriginal people can participate in and develop the remote economy through tourism, horticulture, land management and other enterprises.

Ingkerreke Services' mission is to provide services that will enable Aboriginal people to continue to reside on their homelands. Ingkerreke Services takes pride in overcoming the challenges of providing housing, municipal, infrastructure and other support services in remote locations through a combination of innovation and advocacy.

Ingkerreke is a Central Arrernte word pronounced "IN-gare-uh-kuh" and meaning "all together". As an Aboriginal Corporation, Ingkerreke Services embraces diversity and invests in training and developing local Aboriginal staff members. Our emphasis is on providing sustainable employment opportunities to Aboriginal people, including trade apprenticeships. Ingkerreke Services' corporate culture fosters teamwork, respect and social cohesion in our local community. This is reflected in our motto: "Together we are stronger".