Our Services

All services that Ingkerreke Services Aboriginal Corporation delivers to homelands are funded by grants from the Northern Territory Government. Ingkerreke Services currently receives grants for the following:

Housing | Municipal & Essential Services | Infrastructure Projects

The allocation of funds for housing maintenance and municipal and essential services is determined by the number of homelands covered by the grant and the number of residential dwellings on each of these homelands. In providing funding for these services, the government aims to improve the living conditions of Aboriginal people. To ensure that the funding is used for this purpose, strict guidelines are issued that describe precisely what each grant can be spent on. Ingkerreke Services is required to report to the Government on a six-monthly basis, detailing the actual expenditure against each grant. An audit is also carried out at the end of each financial year to ensure that the Corporation has been compliant.

Ingkerreke Services is skilled at accessing and managing grant funding. As such, Ingkerreke Services has been able to achieve other priorities for homeland residents through accessing ABA funding and Homelands Extra funding. In addition, Ingkerreke Services has delivered projects for Central Land Council utilising leasing and other funds. Ingkerreke Services takes pride in administering grants in full compliance with the conditions of the funding agreements, while also endeavouring to provide the best possible outcomes to the homeland residents that we support.