Housing Services

Ingkerreke Services receives funding for housing maintenance designed to cover the cost of carrying out homeland housing repairs with the aim of maintaining every house at a standard that is safe, healthy and habitable. Ingkerreke Services' housing team decides how this funding is allocated by prioritising repairs as requiring immediate, urgent or planned attention. The priorities follow the guidelines set out in the funding agreement, examples of which are:

Immediate repairs

Electrical danger, gas leaks, significant water loss, severe sewage overflow

Urgent repairs

Loss of power, smoke alarm repair, water or sewage leaks

Planned repairs

Preventative and cyclical maintenance


By planning, prioritising and deploying cross-functional trade teams, Ingkerreke Services is able to keep costs to a minimum for the benefit of homeland residents.

Our Housing team also collects homeland service fees and accounts for how those funds are spent. For additional information about Housing Services, please contact our office on 08 8950 2200.